3 great ways to add colour to your bathroom design

3 great ways to add colour to your bathroom design

3 great ways to add colour to your bathroom design


While your bathroom may be a room in which you get clean and sterile, there's no need for it look sanitised. Finding a bathroom design that is attractive yet practical can be tricky, especially if you love colour. You may love the sleek look of a pure white bathroom or a monotone effect, but if you're looking for a bathroom design that's a little more vibrant, here are three great ways to add colour to your bathroom... 

Hot and cold bathroom colours

This design trick could easily have been invented for bathrooms. It's one thing to have a hot and cold tap to complement each other and achieve the perfect temperature, that's an obvious requirement of any bathroom. But have you considered combining hot and cold colours? Use a cold shade (blues, purples, and greens) to create an airy, light and open space, and complement it with a rich, warm shade (reds, oranges, and yellows). Consider using natural materials like concrete flooring, stone fixtures, and slate tiles to achieve part of your look - concrete and slate are lovely cold-coloured materials, while terracotta is a wonderfully warm stone, and hardwood floors can create a deeply rich and warming effect.

Bathroom blues

Blue is a classic colour to use in any bathroom design. The aquatic association makes it perfect, while the colour itself creates a relaxing, calming, and extremely serene environment. With so many stunning shades of blue, you can mix and match different hues in different materials to create a truly layered and textured effect. With pure white fixtures and shining chrome fittings, a combination of blue tiles, wood, and other materials can create a wonderfully chic design. 

Stripes, checkers, and angles

When it comes to bathroom design, tiles tend to be a staple thanks to their wipe-clean surface. Between the walls, floor, and splashback areas in the room, there's huge scope for getting creative. Try a bold band of brightly coloured tile contrasting with paler or neutral shades. Checked patterns are always an excellent choice, but don't feel you need to apply the pattern to the whole room; checked tiles can create lovely feature areas, borders, and edges. You might also consider the shape of your tiles, and create interesting designs using angled tiles in different colours. For the perfect tiles, choose your main colour and use a colour wheel to find complementary colours close to it. You will quickly create a stunning palette of colour for use throughout the room, or in small feature areas.

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