4 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

4 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

4 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Are you renovating your bathroom? Perhaps you are designing a new bathroom from scratch as you slowly work towards creating your dream home? Either way, there is no doubt that you want every inch of it to be perfect. As such, it pays to know what mistakes to avoid along the way. Here is a list of the four most common and damaging bathroom mistakes to be aware of.


No windows

Many homeowners may steer clear of large windows in the bathroom because they fear that they might interfere with privacy. However, a bathroom with minimal view or ventilation is much, much worse! The secret is to install windows with blurred or frosted glass and to fit them with the right window treatments, such as bamboo blinds. When not in use, these windows can be opened for maximum airflow, which can help to reduce the risk of mould and mildew. If it is not a possibility to include windows inside the bathroom, consider installing a skylight instead.


Poor room placement

One of the biggest bathroom design mistakes is placing this room near the more ‘communal’ areas of your home, such as the living room or dining room. Doing this can make guests feel anxious about using the bathroom — never mind the fact that you probably don’t want to be staring at a view of the toilet when you are sitting down to a glass of wine after a long day!


Forgetting to treat wooden elements

Wooden embellishments are a popular bathroom design trend at the moment. They can add a sense of sleek sophistication, as well as help to induce relaxation. However, if they are not properly treated and maintained, you are at a high risk of having to deal with wood rot within a very short period of time. All wooden elements, even the very small ones, must be treated to withstand both water and humidity for maximum longevity. The right bathroom suppliers in Bedfordshire will be able to help with this!


Going classic when it comes to the shower

Curbed showers have been the only way to go — until now, that is! These days, the possibility of including a curb-free shower inside the bathroom is exciting for many reasons. Firstly, it instantly makes the room feel larger and more united as a space. These types of showers are also a lot easier to clean and provide your bathroom with a modern appeal that could make it easier to sell your home further down the line. Of course, do remember to ensure that your architect and builders design a slight slope of the floor away from the shower entrance to prevent spillage!


When you work with reputable bathroom design specialists, you won’t have to worry about putting a foot wrong when it comes to bringing your bathroom to life. For information regarding bespoke bathroom design and fitting in Bedfordshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Woodstone Bathrooms to book a consultation.

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