7 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas to Try in 2023

7 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas to Try in 2023

7 Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas to Try in 2023

Do you adore the shabby chic look? If yes, then you are far from alone. Sales of shabby chic furniture and home accessories are at an all-time high as homeowners embrace this warm and welcoming interior design trend.

If you want to create the ultimate shabby chic bathroom in 2023, then the below design ideas and inspiration are just what you need!

  1. Whitewashed wood

Nothing screams shabby chic more than a bit of whitewashed wood, and, fortunately, this is very easy to add to a bathroom.

Choose to invest in a whitewashed wood shelving unit that offers valuable storage space and a visually attractive feature. Alternatively, place a series of whitewashed wood shelves on the walls if you have a lack of floor space.

  1. Ruffled curtains

If you want to create a feminine shabby chic bathroom, then ruffled curtains are the way to go. Acting as an outstanding feature in your shabby chic bathroom, ruffles will instantly make the space feel cohesive and give off a major wow factor.

Opt for ruffled shower curtains, a ruffled sink curtain, or both if you want to go for maximum effect.

  1. Glass chandelier art

Although you may think that chandeliers only belong in the dining room, you may be surprised to see just how well they work in a shabby chic bathroom.

Glass chandelier art offers you the opportunity to create a showstopping look without having to install an actual hanging piece and is the perfect accessory for your shabby chic bathroom.

  1. Vintage mirror

You can’t have a shabby chic bathroom without a vintage mirror hanging above the sink, and with so many styles and shapes to choose from, you are truly spoilt for choice.

Look for an ornate and opulent mirror frame that acts as a focal point in the room, and don’t be afraid to go bigger than you usually would for a bathroom mirror.

  1. Embrace lace

Lace goes hand in hand with the shabby chic style and can be used to great effect in a shabby chic bathroom.

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate lace into your bathroom, such as adding a lace toilet seat cover or investing in bathroom towels with lacing on them.

  1. Wire baskets

Another clever storage solution for a shabby chic bathroom, wire baskets mounted on the walls can look seriously cute and can be used to house all your bathroom essentials.

Alternatively, fill them with dried flowers to create the ultimate shabby chic, bohemian vibe in your bathroom.

  1. Roll top bath

Last but definitely not least, a shabby chic bathroom would not be complete without a standout roll-top bath complete with claw feet.

A stunning piece of bathroom furniture, if you have a roll-top bath in your shabby chic bathroom, you won’t want to ever leave the room! Also, don’t forget to surround your bath with rustic candles for maximum relaxation and visual appeal.

If you are ready to create your shabby chic bathroom, our Bathroom Specialists in Bedfordshire are ready to help you.

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