7 Top Tips For A Relaxing Bath

7 Top Tips For A Relaxing Bath

7 Top Tips For A Relaxing Bath

When you’re trying to relax, your environment will make all the difference. With this in mind, planning a relaxing bath is about a lot more than hot water and bubbles; you need a bathroom perfect for unwinding in, equipped for pampering, and with a practical design you can depend on to take a long soak without distraction.

  1. Improve Your Bathroom Design

If you’re looking for relaxing pamper sessions, you first need to ensure your bathroom is an ideal place to be. If your bathroom needs an upgrade or a re-design to create your most relaxing space, contact our bathroom specialists in Bedfordshire. This way, you can ensure you have everything you need to shut out the outside world and take a moment of self-care in your perfect bathroom.

  1. Choose A Time You Won’t Be Disturbed

Even if you can close and lock the bathroom door, that doesn’t mean you can’t hear your children running along the landing or risk overhearing the TV being too loud in the next room. Therefore, you should ideally choose a time you can really relax and concentrate on your time to yourself without interruption.

  1. Get Setup With Everything You Need

Great bathroom design starts with the perfect tub that provides ample space and shelving options so you can ensure everything you need is within your arm’s reach. This could offer you room for your glass of wine, scented candles, and your favourite relaxing bath products.

  1. Get The Lighting Just Right

Installing superb lighting options in your bathroom is a must for good bathroom design, especially if you want a practical bathroom for the daytime while being more relaxing at night. Wall lights that can dim are an excellent option for ambient lighting, but candles are also a must for added relaxation.

  1. Warm Up Your Towels

There’s nothing better than a soft, fluffy warm towel. If you want this to be a regular pampering option, a great design feature for your bathroom is a heated towel rail to ensure you always have a cosy towel when you need that little extra warmth.

  1. Add Oils, Scents And Treatments To Your Bath

It goes without saying that you’ll need to add something to your bathwater that smells divine and cares for your skin. Depending on your preference, you may want bubbles, or you might want essential oils that smell amazing.

  1. Create A Sanctuary With The Right Bathroom Tiling

It’ll be very difficult to relax in your bath if you’re facing an untreated wall, perhaps with old, cracked tiles, bare paint, or tiles that need a good clean. As such, make sure to include the perfect tile aesthetic in your bathroom design – one that relaxes you and boasts a colour that helps soothe you.

Also, choose a tiling arrangement that’s easy for you to clean and keep on top of so that your bathroom – and the area around your bath – is always loo

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