Bathroom tile trends for 2017

Bathroom tile trends for 2017

Bathroom tile trends for 2017


Your bathroom is one of your most used rooms in your home, a place to relax and unwind in a luxurious bubble bath or work for you efficiently, as you quickly get ready each morning. You want to ensure the space is practical, easy to clean and maintain whilst reflecting your personal tastes. With so many parts of the bathroom to choose from including, furniture, lighting, tiling and accessories, it can feel overwhelming to choose the items that will help you create your perfect bathroom. 

Tiles are a key element of a bathroom and can work as a practical way to maintain a room that is often wet or has moisture in the air from the shower and bath. Tiles are easy to clean and remain intact after repeated washes, meaning your bathroom will retain its original design for years to come. Below we’ve listed out two of the most popular tile trends for 2017 to give you the inspiration to help you create a bathroom you’ll love. 

Mystical mermaid

One tile trend that is currently popular is mermaid tiles. Shaped like the scales on a mermaid’s tail (as the name suggests), semi-circular in design, the tiles appear to sit one on top of the other, creating a magical underwater look across your walls. These tiles are particularly popular for tiling near a sink, as a splash wall or within a shower wet-room, helping you to relax into an underwater dream. 

Think pink

If you’re designing a bathroom for your family, you might feel unsure about using pink tiles, but rose pink is becoming an increasingly popular tile colour for bathrooms. The shade complements grey and white perfectly, so you can easily lift the furniture in your bathroom with pink tiles. With so many rose gold, silver and white bathroom accessories to pick from, you will be left spoilt for choice if you invest in pink tiles. 

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