Be size savvy: tile design for a smaller bathroom

Be size savvy: tile design for a smaller bathroom

Be size savvy: tile design for a smaller bathroom


If you dream of bathing luxury but have a small scale family bathroom or a compact ensuite, there are several tips and tricks you can use to maximise the feeling of space. Make the right bathroom tiling decisions and you'll enjoy great design whatever your floor space.

Use larger bathroom tiles

Although conventional design wisdom says you should not use anything bigger than a 60x30cm bathroom tile, the effect of multiple grout lines can make the space feel very visually busy and cluttered. If you can, select a larger tile that won't need many cuts to give an illusion of space. If you can't use a larger tile on the wall, use large format tiles on the floor to open out the space and use a smaller tile in a brick bond or offset pattern on the wall for visual appeal.

Go for gloss

Designing your bathroom using a plain gloss finished tile in white or a pastel is the easiest way to create a sense of space, as gloss or mirror finished tiles will reflect light around your bathroom. Don't be afraid to use darker elements as highlights - a metallic finished mosaic used as a splashback behind the sink will add drama while still adding a reflective element. 

Be clever with layouts

How you lay your bathroom tiles can be a very effective way to open up space. Did you know that if you lay tiles in a diagonal pattern, they trick our brains into only seeing the furthest dimensions of the room? If diagonal tiles don't appeal, try laying rectangular tiles vertically rather than horizontally to draw the eye upwards. And there's a reason why offset metro tiles are so popular in bathroom design - they're a clever way of using a small and stylish tile that doesn't look fussy.

Wraparound mosaic

Mosaic looks beautiful to highlight smaller areas, like a splashback behind the bath or sink, but it can create design effects that add real visual spice to a small bathroom. Create a 'bath mat' or even clad your walls floor to ceiling in aqua or turquoise for a stunning design statement.

Whatever tiles you choose for your small bathroom, we can provide a cost-effective and fully personalised fitting service. Contact us for more details.



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