Choosing the right materials for your bathroom

Choosing the right materials for your bathroom

Choosing the right materials for your bathroom


Here at Woodstone Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on helping each of our customers create a bathroom that reflects their unique sense of style. If you’re considering taking advantage of our services, you probably already have a good idea what you want for your new bathroom’s design and colour scheme. But have you considered which materials you’ll use? The materials on display in a bathroom can dramatically influence its overall style. That’s why we’d like to use today’s blog to discuss some of the main materials at your disposal.

1. Marble

Marble can be used for both floor and wall tiles. You can even opt for a marble sink or bathtub. In short, it’s an incredibly versatile material. Marble isn’t just versatile, however: it’s classy and traditional. Everything about this rich, smooth material evokes a sense of timeless sophistication. If you want to show off your impeccable good taste, we recommend utilising marble as a key decorative material in your bathroom.

2. Glass and chrome

Glass and chrome are ideal materials for many bathroom amenities. While they lack the timeless quality of marble, they do hint at refinement. They can be used to cultivate an ultra-modern, minimalist aesthetic. The reflective sheen of chrome and the translucency of glass make these materials simultaneously futuristic and ethereal.

3. Natural stone and wood

Natural stone can be used to create tiles and other decorative features. Its rough-hewn appearance means that it can lend your bathroom a simple, almost rustic charm. Meanwhile, wood can be used for flooring or panelling and can be used to augment this rustic aesthetic.

4. Ceramics

Like marble, ceramic materials are extremely versatile and can be used for both tiling and major amenities. Ceramics can be produced in any colour or pattern, meaning that you use them to create stunning visuals in any style you like. The other materials on this list have their own sense of identity (marble is traditional and sophisticated, for example, while chrome is modern). Although ceramic materials don’t have such a strong identity, they are much more adaptable and can be used in any bathroom.

You can choose to use any one of these materials or combine them in ways that reflect your sense of style. We hope that the information in today’s blog helps you decide how to use them. If you need more advice on choosing materials for your bathroom, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



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