Contemporary or traditional - what's the right tile choice for your ideal bathroom?

Contemporary or traditional - what's the right tile choice for your ideal bathroom?

Contemporary or traditional - what's the right tile choice for your ideal bathroom?


For some of us, it's the clean lines of a minimalist, boutique hotel bathroom. For others, the grandeur of a free standing bath complete with ball and claw feet. But whatever your bathroom style, tiling is the finishing touch that pulls your bathroom design scheme together and creates a beautiful and relaxing space.

Pick your key tile first

You might have visions of wall-to-ceiling marble, a stunning mosaic or simple and fashionable subway tiles. This is the key tile around which you'll base your bathroom design.

Use the rule of three

Typically in your bathroom, you'll have floor tiles, wall tiles and an accent tile. Anchor your choices around your key, must-have tile.

Showcase your showstopper

A really showstopping tile, be it the shape, colour or design, works best if you use it sparingly, in a band at the top of the room or the back wall of a shower, for example. Otherwise, it may become visually overwhelming and lose impact.

Consider practicality

Don't use a bathroom tile that's slippery when wet for your floor or something that's likely to show the dirt in high traffic areas.

Play with scale

If your key tile is small, reflect the colour or shape in a larger tile for your bathroom floor. The same principal applies for a large bathroom floor tile: use a smaller version for your walls.

Tile choices for your contemporary bathroom

Metallic and mirrored finishes can look quite spectacular and very glamorous, helping to open up smaller spaces. Grey and monochrome schemes are very contemporary and seamless floor to ceiling natural stone or marble is effortlessly elegant in any bathroom. One colour of mosaic - particularly marine tones of aqua and turquoise - used on your bathroom floors and walls can look spectacular, particularly in a small bathroom.

Tile choices for a vintage bathroom

Encaustic tiles look fabulous for vintage French chic. Search out vintage tiles and use them to highlight a plain metro tile. Try wood effect tiles for a traditional style floor that's low maintenance and beautiful. Hexagonal tiles can give a contemporary twist to your vintage bathroom and mosaic designs add a stunning focal point.

Whatever your choice, we can provide a fully personalised and cost-effective service to help you create the perfect contemporary or vintage bathroom, so get in touch with us today.



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