Family bathroom design ideas

Family bathroom design ideas

Family bathroom design ideas


The family bathroom needs to cater for all ages and all needs. It needs to be practical, elegant and functional. So, how do you design a bathroom that is easy for your children to use and access, as well as being fun, which can then turn into a relaxing space for you to unwind? Well, the answer is in accessing the best designers, carpenters and bathroom fitters. Below we share with you some inspirational family bathroom design ideas. 

Bathroom Storage

When it comes to incorporating storage features into a family bathroom, it is all about the design. The family bathroom has to have adequate storage in which to keep toiletries and toys. Good ideas include those of adding shelving units, building alcoves and, if you have the space, adding some window seats. 

The child friendly bathroom

It is vital that the family bathroom is child friendly. When working on your design with your bathroom fitter, it is a good idea to discuss the inclusion of temperature regulators on both the shower and taps, and to use non-sip tiles, as little ones are always in a rush. You also need to think carefully about the design of the bath, especially with young children. It needs to be easy to get in and out of, be easy for you to lift your child in and out of the bath, and should ideally feature no sharp edges. 

The importance of the shower cubicle

Ideally, every family bathroom should have a separate shower. Although the kids will enjoy their fun bath time, having a shower enables you to get washed quickly in preparation for the day ahead. Ensuring your bathroom design has a cubicle also ensures that you have that much needed privacy, away from tiny prying eyes. 

Consider a double sink

When planning a family bathroom, it is a good idea to talk through the idea of fitting a double sink. When your children are in a rush to get ready for their school day, the entire process can be less stressful, as two children can brush their teeth at the same time. A double sink is highly practical.

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