How Can More Space Be Created In A Small Bathroom?

How Can More Space Be Created In A Small Bathroom?

How Can More Space Be Created In A Small Bathroom?


Designing a bathroom to work effectively in a small space can be difficult – whether it’s making sure you have enough physical space for all fittings and storage or simply making sure it’s usable.Tackling all of this almost exclusively comes down to the design phase, from planning where everything should go to choosing the right fittings for the space you have. 

1. Clever Storage

When you’re working with a small bathroom space, you need to use as much available storage as you can without impacting too much on the rest of the room – otherwise you’ll end up with a bathroom that feels cramped and cluttered. Corner units, slim wall-mounted cabinets (which perhaps incorporate a mirror on the front) and things like under-sink storage are all ways to utilise existing space without encroaching on floor space by adding additional units outside of the essentials.

2. Decorate With Light Colours & Mirrors

Opening up your small bathrooms is just as much to do with decoration as much as it is actually creating more physical space. Dark colours, too much furniture, and too many fittings are going to make any space feel cramped – especially small bathrooms. Be sure to decorate your bathroom using light, muted colours – go for creams or light blues if you’re worried about a white colour scheme looking too bland or clinical.

Another great way to decorate smartly in a small bathroom is to incorporate the usage of one or two large mirrors (depending on the actual size of the room). This gives the illusion of more space and, while we’re clever enough to know it’s not actually there, it does open the room up and reduce that dreaded cramped feeling.

3. Incorporate Sliding Doors

We’re not just talking about the main bathroom door – although including this kind of door into your bathroom is a great way to avoid a traditional hinged door limiting the amount of usable space you have in a small bathroom. This method can be applied everywhere including your shower cubical, storage cabinets, and even windows.

Whether you’re dealing with a large or small bathroom, and whatever style you’re aiming for, be it contemporary, traditional, or retro, we here at Woodstone Bathrooms can help. With years of experience in the bathroom design and fitting trade, we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams – however small it might be. Contact us by calling today on 01525 406728, or by visiting our showroom in Ampthil, Bedford, Bedfordshire.



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