How Can You Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger?

How Can You Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger?

How Can You Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Not every house is fortunate enough to have a large bathroom. In many cases, households have only one small bathroom for the whole family, meaning that space becomes even more valuable. Making a small space seem larger is not only good for how it looks but also for how it functions. Whatever your reasons may be, here are a few practical tips for how you can make your small bathroom seem much bigger.

Design Theme

Although you might first think that the design theme of a room is not relevant to making it appear bigger, it can be the key aspect that does the trick. Some interior design styles are better at convincing the eye that a room is spacious than others. For example, a cluttered, maximalist theme could emphasise just how small a room is. However, a minimal or pared back style might create the illusion of space and airiness, even in a small bathroom. Of course, this depends on your personal style and the precise layout of the room.


Speaking of layout, this aspect can truly transform your bathroom. The way in which your essential bathroom pieces are arranged will make a significant difference to how the space is used. Depending on its layout, a room with the same dimensions can feel either spacious and airy or tight and cramped. This is why it is so important to have your bathroom fitted by professionals such as our bathroom specialists in Bedfordshire. We can suggest the optimal way of arranging your tub, shower, toilet, and sink depending on how you plan to use the space and what the shape of the room allows. Although you may have to compromise in some areas, prioritising the layout will give the best results.


The colours you choose to decorate a room also have an impact on how big or small it appears. Darker colours can make a room feel smaller and cosier, while paler ones reflect more light, giving the impression of space. A dark ceiling can make it seem lower, so bear this in mind if you are tempted to change its colour as well as the walls. Think about how colours interact and the overall mood they create. Even a larger room could feel cosy if painted in dark, warm tones, so it stands to reason that a small room could seem bigger if painted in light and bright colours.


Make sure that you have multiple sources of light in your small bathroom. A single overhead light will only serve to exacerbate the cramped feeling since shadows and corners will be emphasised. Smaller spotlights and lamps and maximising natural light with mirrors all contribute to a bigger, brighter space. Warmer-toned bulbs will be less harsh, while cooler ones can help with alertness. It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create.

Hopefully, the tips above have given you some ideas about how to make your own small bathroom look and feel more spacious.

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