How should I tile my small bathroom?

How should I tile my small bathroom?

How should I tile my small bathroom?


Search the internet, and you'll find conflicting advice on tiles for a small bathroom. Some sources will say that a design that uses larger tiles will make a small bathroom look even smaller, but this doesn't have to be the case. Here are our four top tips for creating an air of space and a great look and feel, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

1. Big tiles can work

Unified tiling - using large tiles with grout in the same colour - not only gives an elegant and stylish look, but also makes a bathroom look clean, tidy and sometimes bigger. Lighter colours work best for this technique, and if you add feature tiles elsewhere (such as more detailed tiling around the basin), this method of tiling a bathroom can make the room appear even bigger.

2. Diagonal floor tiles

Rather than laying square tiles straight, try laying at a 45 degree angle instead to make a small bathroom look bigger and wider. The focus will be transplanted onto the wide borders of the tiles and taken off how narrow the room is, with anyone who walks into the bathroom seeing the lines of the grout spreading across the room, making it appear larger.

3. Herringbone floor tiling

Herringbone tile patterns can look too busy in larger rooms, but they're perfect for small bathrooms. It's an elegant look, and eyes will be drawn to the V shapes created by the pattern, which means that your bathroom will be perceived to be bigger than it is.

4. Basket weave floor tiling

Using rectangular tiles, basket weave tiling does what it says on the tin: it involves laying tiles in a way that looks as though they've been woven together like a basket. It gives a great 1900s-style look and works especially well with marble. It's a technique often used in small bathrooms and hallways, as its almost 3D effect gives the illusion of space.

While there's nothing you can do about the size of a small bathroom (bar an expensive extension), it's certainly possible to create the illusion of space using the right tiling - contact us to find out how we can help, or visit us at our Ampthill showroom in Bedfordshire.



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