How to Create a Smart Bathroom

How to Create a Smart Bathroom

How to Create a Smart Bathroom

Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or you simply want to make a few upgrades, there has never been a better time to create a smart bathroom. With a range of different smart systems on offer, from the more basic digital shower to ones that can control every aspect of your bathroom, you can enjoy the many benefits of smart technology whatever your budget.

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Keep reading to discover the latest devices that will transform your bathroom from ordinary to innovative in less time than it takes for you to run a bath!

Install smart mirrors

Want a mirror that can get rid of its own condensation? Or one that can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, and the internet? If yes, then you will be pleased to hear that the latest generation of smart mirrors can do all this and more.

The perfect addition to bespoke luxury bathrooms, whether you want to be able to watch the news while you shave or you want to scroll through Facebook while you apply your makeup, smart mirrors can allow you to do this with ease. You can even couple your smart mirror to your smart speaker system so that you can stay connected to the whole house while you get ready.

Opt for a digital shower

Unlike a traditional shower, a digital shower boasts a digital thermostat that allows you to control both the temperature and the flow of water remotely. One of the most appealing aspects of this type of shower system is the fact that it is incredibly easy to install. Plus, you can pre-program your ideal water temperature at a touch of a button, ensuring you enjoy the perfect shower each and every time.

Other features of a digital shower include touchscreen displays and colour-coded displays, which clearly (and attractively) display the water temperature.

Pick an intelligent toilet

Although not a cheap option, intelligent toilets or smart toilets are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the UK due to their enhanced hygiene. For those who don’t know what a smart toilet does, its main feature is shooting out small water jets to clean you.

Other functions of a smart toilet may include:

  • A heated seat
  • A night light
  • Front and rear cleanse mode
  • Air dryer
  • Deodoriser
  • Automated cleaning function
  • Energy-saving mode

Choose sensor taps

You have probably already used sensor taps in public toilets but having them in your own home is another thing altogether. Offering the utmost convenience and a way to reduce water wastage, sensor taps will only turn on when thermal heat is detected and will automatically turn off when you move your hands away.

Furthermore, in the same way that a smart toilet removes the need to flush, you can enjoy a completely hands-free experience with sensor taps, providing enhanced protection against the spread of bacteria and viruses – perfect for when the winter bugs come out in full force.

Other cool bathroom smart features:

  • Smart weighing scales
  • Smart cabinets
  • Smart toothbrushes
  • Automatic soap pumps

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