How to Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Although you may not put as much time, effort, and resources into designing your guest bathroom as you would your family bathroom or your en suite, there is still a certain amount of excitement around this design process. This is mainly because you can be a bit bolder and more adventurous in your choices.

Not sure where to start when creating a guest bathroom that rivals any luxury hotel one?

Keep reading to discover our tried and tested techniques for designing the perfect guest bathroom in your home.

Think about your guests

Before you even start thinking about the layout or design of your new guest bathroom, you first need to consider who your guests are most likely to be. Do you mostly host families with young children? Elderly parents? Or perhaps other couples much like yourselves?

By doing this, you will be able to identify the practical elements that your guest bathroom needs and avoid making costly mistakes. If you need help choosing the right elements for your guest bathroom, our Bedfordshire bathroom company offers unrivalled experience and expertise in creating bespoke bathrooms for all spaces and budgets.

Forget storage

When designing a family bathroom, storage is vital. However, when it comes to a guest bathroom, this is much less important. Instead of trying to come up with cleverly hidden storage solutions, simply invest in a few small and open storage spaces so that your guests have a place to put their washbag and other toiletries.

Invest in comfort

If you want to emulate the hotel experience for your guests, you should try and make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. One effective way to do this is with the use of underfloor heating. Not as expensive to install as you might think, it is the small things like this that will make a huge difference to your guests' stay with you.

You should also invest in good towels that feel soft and luxurious to touch, and always make sure that you wash guest towels in hypoallergenic detergent to avoid potential skin reactions.

Go bold with design

As briefly mentioned above, the guest bathroom offers you the perfect opportunity to be daring in your design choice as you don't have to see this room every day. That being said, it can still be a good idea to stick to timeless classics on the floors and the walls, and instead, go bold with your bathroom accessories.

Provide multiple mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but when it comes to decorating your guest bathroom, it can be a good idea to invest in two of these crucial bathroom accessories. Choose a larger mirror to go on the wall so that your guests can see how they look overall and a mirrored cabinet so that they can easily carry out their morning routine.

You may even want to provide a small magnifying mirror for applying makeup.

Don't forget a bin

A small but crucial bathroom accessory that is often overlooked, make sure you don't forget to place a small bin in your guest bathroom so that your guests don't have to smuggle out their rubbish or flush it down the toilet.

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