How to Create the Perfect “His and Hers” Bathroom

How to Create the Perfect “His and Hers” Bathroom

How to Create the Perfect “His and Hers” Bathroom

Whether you have just moved in with your significant other or you are planning a bathroom refurb in your existing home, creating the perfect “his and hers” bathroom is not as easy as it looks.

Not only do you need to carefully balance the needs of both parties, but you also need to ensure that you have the right set-up to minimise morning routine disputes. Keep reading to find out how you can create the perfect “his and hers” bathroom, whatever your budget.

Consider a separate toilet area

Although this will depend on the type of couple you are, and how much you value your own privacy, it can be a good idea to create a separate toilet area in your “his and hers” bathroom.

Offering enhanced convenience and comfort, a separate toilet area can easily be achieved by either building a downstairs toilet or simply separating your bathroom space into two areas, one for the bath/shower and sinks and one for the toilet.

Invest in a double walk-in shower

The idea of sharing a shower with your partner may seem romantic, but often the reality is anything but so. That being said, you can rectify any space issues by building a double walk-in shower that easily accommodates two people without any arguments over who is standing directly under the showerhead and who is left out in the cold.

Our bespoke luxury bathrooms offer many different showers with several ideal options for “his and hers” bathrooms. Take a look today.

Install a double basin

Again, morning fights over sink space are never a good thing for a relationship, but fortunately, you can easily avoid this by investing in a double basin. There are many different double vanity units that you can choose from, with countertop basins being a great choice for those that need extra storage space and want to create a luxury look for less.

Alternatively, you could opt for separate basin vanity units for even more space during your morning routine.

Focus on storage

Clutter in a “his and hers” bathroom is a big no-no, leading to arguments that don’t need to happen. Prevent this from happening by investing in clever storage solutions that maximise the space you have available to you without making your bathroom appear to be stuffed with cabinets and cupboards.

Ideally, opt for separate storage cupboards for each of you so that you have your own personal space for your bathroom essentials.

Go neutral

When creating a bathroom for two, it is a much safer bet to pick a neutral colour scheme rather than try to incorporate both of your styles into one room. Furthermore, neutral styles can appear more streamlined, which can make the space look less chaotic and more cool, calm, and collected.

If you must add some colour, aim to do this with your chosen bathroom accessories, such as bath mats, towels, and decoration, and keep the walls and floor as neutral as possible.

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