How to Make Your Bathroom Floor Last Longer

How to Make Your Bathroom Floor Last Longer

How to Make Your Bathroom Floor Last Longer

Your bathroom floor undergoes a lot of wear and tear from everyday life, with many bathroom floors being in contact with water more than once a day. This can leave your bathroom floor at risk of damp and mould and can mean that homeowners find that they change the flooring in their bathroom more than anywhere else in the house. If you want to find out how to make your bathroom floor last longer, read on.


  • Choose Wood Flooring

The best step that you can take to make your flooring last longer is to choose the right material for your floor, to begin with. Wood flooring is one of the best options for bathrooms and wet rooms as it is incredibly durable and can be cleaned easily. Not only this, but it is a more eco-friendly option than the synthetic alternatives that most homeowners opt for when they are planning their bathroom remodel. If you are looking for a different option than wooden floors, you should also consider laminate flooring options, which can give your floor the appearance of wood without the care that needs to be taken to look after your wood floor.


  • Use Towels and Bath Mats

Mould is a major problem for bathroom floors as the damp atmosphere of your bathroom, especially if your room has a lack of filtration, is perfect for mould. To prevent this from growing on your bathroom floors or ceiling, when you are using your bathroom, you should consider placing towels and bath mats next to your shower or bath and standing on these when you get out of the bath. You should also use a shower curtain to keep the water in. These will soak up any excess water in the room and protect your new wood flooring from damage.


  • Use Waterproofing

Once you have installed your new wood flooring, you should consider the many waterproofing options that are available to you. To do this, you should clean and prime your floor and then apply a coat of silicone. Once you have done this, you should then apply two coats of waterproof sealant, with a layer of waterproofing membrane in-between these two coats. This will help to keep water from soaking into your floor and leading to a build-up of moisture over time.


  • Use the Right Cleaning Products

When you install a bathroom floor, you also need to make sure that you know which cleaning products to use to look after your floor and to keep it shining for years to come. For instance, there are many wood floor sprays on the market that will ensure that you can retain the high standards of your floor and prevent it from becoming scratched or stained.

If you find that you are replacing your bathroom floor regularly, you should consider looking at the many wood options that are available to you. These can help to make your bathroom look smart for longer, especially if you give your flooring the care that it needs.

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