How to make your smaller bathroom look twice the size

How to make your smaller bathroom look twice the size

How to make your smaller bathroom look twice the size


So, you've got your new home and you love it. But your bathroom’s a bit on the small side, and you'd like to give it a makeover. How can you go about making that small space look bigger?

Use the same colours and tone as much as possible

If you stick to one or two similar colours - such as all white or white and cream - you won't run the risk of visually 'separating' different features, which can make any room seem smaller. Of course, it might be that you'll want some form of contrast: a good technique is to have one object - such as a light fixture or a set of shelves - stand out. This will allow the rest of the bathroom to work as a backdrop.

Blend the tile and walls

The chances are you're going to have tiles somewhere in your bathroom design. But what if you've also got a normal plaster wall or some solid wood? The best way to deal with this is to have both finishes blend in terms of colour. You'll still be able to enjoy the different textures, but without visually separating the bath and shower area from the rest of the space.

Use clear glass in the shower

Any form of opaque glass can give the impression of being an extra wall. Ideally, you want all glass in a smaller bathroom to be completely clear. As long as you keep a lock on the bathroom door, you won't have to worry about privacy, and your space will look much bigger.

Install a big mirror

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making a space feel bigger, and it'll work just as well in the bathroom as it will anywhere else. A large mirror - one that reaches up to the ceiling - will make the room seem twice as big, and will help the whole space seem lighter. If you can install some form of lighting above the mirror, it'll be even more effective.

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