How to unlock the value of your bathroom in 3 easy steps

How to unlock the value of your bathroom in 3 easy steps

How to unlock the value of your bathroom in 3 easy steps


When it comes to selling your home, you may be surprised exactly how important the state of your bathroom is when potential buyers come for a look around. So often, it is the room that we dare not mention and for very good reasons. But if you spend a little time on some simple but effective upgrades, all of that can change for the better. Here we discuss some of these upgrades that will not only improve your chances of a sale but will also make your life a little more pleasurable at the beginning and end of each day.

1. Change your tiles

If your bathroom is poorly tiled, you may as well forget about any other upgrades. Think about light colours to maximise any space concerns but don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations either. Forget about paint or wallpaper as a possibility because the sheer level of moisture will soon take these two imposters out. If the actual tiling is beyond your own skill set, speak to a local handyman or give our team a call, and you may be surprised at how reasonable their rates are!

2. Improve your toilet

Okay, maybe investing in a new toilet seems like a bad idea, why not simply upgrade the seat instead? These poor things take a hammering and should be replaced when required. Look for a soft closing option and see if you can’t match the walls and floor tones whilst you are at it. Toilet seats are a quick and easy upgrade that even the most inept DIYer can do in a few hours.

3. Choose suitable flooring

We’re talking about tiles again here because that tatty lino or damp carpet simply will not do the trick. Stone tiles always look very slick and can be laid in a very short time as long as you get the measurements right. Again, speak to us if you want the job done to perfection.

So there you have it, three simple bathroom upgrades that could soon transform the achilles heel of your home into a very ROI friendly project. Contact us at Woodstone Bathrooms for all your design and supply needs.



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