Include These Design Ideas for an Elegant and Functional Bathroom

Include These Design Ideas for an Elegant and Functional Bathroom

Include These Design Ideas for an Elegant and Functional Bathroom

Since the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, it deserves to be as well-designed as possible. If you are considering a bathroom renovation or are currently in the middle of one, you will be aware of some of the amazing changes that are available for those who are looking for a beautiful and practical space. Below are a few design ideas that can make a bathroom both look and feel like the most luxurious part of the home.

Shower Ideas

Showers are a common feature in most bathrooms due to their practicality and space-saving design. For maximum style and function, a walk-in shower is your best choice. When you visit our top bathroom specialists in Bedfordshire, you can see for yourself the beautiful selection of bathroom fittings and features, including a variety of shower heads. One of the most luxurious shower systems involves a waterfall shower head accompanied by a smaller shower head connected to the wall of the cubicle. This is an intensely clean and elegant design that many high-end hotels have adopted in their rooms.

Heating Ideas

It is important that your bathroom is at a comfortable temperature. One of the most luxurious methods to achieve this is by installing underfloor heating in the room. There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower and feeling the warm tiles under your feet. Another good heating option is a heated towel rail. Having this feature near your bath or shower means that you can reach for a fresh and warm towel immediately after bathing.

Toilet Ideas

Every bathroom needs a toilet, but this doesn't mean you must choose only the simplest and most boring toilet option. A simple yet practical addition is the feature of a soft-close seat, preventing damage and offering a quieter solution. There are also a variety of flush choices, such as an ordinary cistern handle, a chain pull, or even a motion sensor. Many people have grown more open to the idea of having a bidet in their bathroom for hygiene and style reasons.

Lighting Ideas

How you choose to light any space will have a significant impact on its mood and functionality. For example, a dimly lit kitchen would be far less practical than a bright and clear one. The bathroom is a space where you can be more creative with your lighting. While a simple overhead light can be practical, you can also install built-in lights to highlight certain features. There is also a growing trend towards making use of decorative lighting to enhance the style and atmosphere of the bathroom. This includes standing lamps, table lamps, and elegant wall sconces.

There are, of course, more options available than those listed above. Although there will be a few key elements you must include to ensure that your bathroom is functional on a basic level, there is still plenty of scope for creativity and bold design. Don't rush the process, and use your time to research exactly how you want your ideal bathroom to be.

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