Interior design tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles

Interior design tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles

Interior design tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles


Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can make all the difference, with colours and materials greatly influencing how we perceive a room and significantly affecting our mood. Having invested in good quality sanitary-ware, fixtures and fittings, finding the right tiles to complement your bathroom suite and inject a little life and personality into your bathroom is key to making this an enjoyable and beautiful space.

Dark coloured tiles

By their very nature, bathrooms tend to be quite small, but whether it’s a tiny en suite or a larger family bathroom, the right colours can dramatically change how you see the size of the room. Dark colours tend to make a room feel smaller, which might have the desired effect if your bathroom really is unusually large and things start to feel a little ‘lost’ in it. Choosing darker wall and floor tiles in natural stone can, in fact, add a certain degree of warmth to a large space, while choosing smaller tiles over large ones can also help a space feel cosier. Mosaic tiles are great for this type of room, and can create a ‘luxury spa’ vibe which feels very decadent.

Light coloured tiles

For smaller rooms, light coloured tiles help create a feeling of spaciousness. Choosing larger ceramic wall tiles in pale shades or even white will expand the space, and contrasting them with a warm, slightly darker stone or wood floor can create a stunning effect. If you’re worried about a lighter choice of tiles making the room look a little clinical, you can always get creative by adding little ‘pops’ of colour from the odd bright tile being added to the pattern. When it comes to injecting a little personality, the creative possibilities with clever, well-designed tiles are endless.

Before you make your final choice on tiling, however, it’s often best to seek out a little guidance from a professional bathroom designer. They have often worked on and taken inspiration from hundreds of previous projects and are best placed to give advice on what sort of tiles will work best in your space. With our own hand-picked team of designers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians, Woodstone Bathrooms can offer you a fully bespoke service to ensure you get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. For more information on our range of tiles, get in touch today.



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