Keeping your bathroom cosy this winter with underfloor heating

Keeping your bathroom cosy this winter with underfloor heating

Keeping your bathroom cosy this winter with underfloor heating


It's an affordable luxury, and one that we're increasingly embracing. Of course we mean underfloor heating. And as the days grow colder, the bathroom can sometimes be a chilly and uncomfortable space to spend time in, unless you opt for a heating solution - and what could be nicer than the feeling of warm tiles underfoot after a steamy bath?

Why choose underfloor heating?

Unlike radiators that intensely heat a small area and are prone to rapid heat dispersal, underfloor heating produces an ambient heat across a wider area, to heat the entire room.

Why should I use tiles?

Tiles have excellent thermal conductivity, which means they capture and emit heat better than any other flooring. Apart from the obvious reasons to use your tile in your bathroom - ease of maintenance, hygiene and water resistance - feeling warm tiles underfoot enhances their natural beauty. Think stepping out onto the sun warmed terrace of your holiday villa.

Which are the best tiles to use?

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are ideal - because they're fired at high temperatures in a kiln, they can withstand an underfloor heating temperature of 29 degrees, higher than wood or laminate. But for real luxury, use real stone like travertine, terracotta and slate. Tiles heat up quickly and hold the heat for longer, generating a comfortable warmth in your bathroom. They're the ideal material for high heat loss areas.

Increasing the thickness of the tiles has no effect on the heat output, the floor will simply take longer to heat. If you want to make a sustainable choice for your bathroom flooring, choose ceramics from sustainable sources, or natural stone tiles that will add a unique character to your floor. Slate can be a particularly effective heat conductor, thanks to its thinness, and it adds a real hint of drama to any bathroom.

Choose the professionals

Woodstone Bathrooms can bring that luxury a little closer. We provide high quality bathroom products, including the perfect tiles to work with your underfloor heating. We provide a fully bespoke service, using our own craftsmen, that is tailored to your needs, so why not call us today?



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