Making the most of every last inch of your bathroom

Making the most of every last inch of your bathroom

Making the most of every last inch of your bathroom


Some people view their bathroom as merely a place to wash and use the toilet. However, it is much more than that. Having a shower, and the time you spend in the bathroom before and after, should be relaxing. Every detail of the room should awaken a sense of calm and tranquillity inside you. 

Many people who decide to give their bathroom a facelift have an initial idea of how it should look. However, sometimes it's better to follow the advice of an expert. 

Be prepared to change your mind

You may have a vision that involves the installation of a new bathtub. However, the first benefit of enlisting the advice of a design expert is that they have been down this road a thousand times. They know what does and doesn't work.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could be advised to abandon the bathtub idea. A shower chamber is much more economical on space, not to mention that it is generally easier and faster to clean.

Perhaps you will be coming around to the shower chamber idea when the designer drops another bombshell — only tile one wall and allow the facing wall to be dominated by a mirror. 

The benefit of a mirror in any room is that it can make the space appear larger than it is. And while all bathrooms need a mirror, you will be well advised to get a particularly big one to maximise spatial perception.

Always have space in mind

The tile style that you opt for is down to personal taste, but don't be surprised if you are advised to go with a white or cream colour that adds an impression of depth. 

When picking a floor, a design expert is likely to be less intrusive. As it won't really be reflected in the mirror, your choice of flooring is unlikely to impact on space. It is, however, best to go with a style that complements your wall choices.

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