Say goodbye to the boring bathroom

Say goodbye to the boring bathroom

Say goodbye to the boring bathroom


When it comes to a kitchen or a living room most people are very particular about the design, style and every aspect of how the materials should look. A bathroom sets a more particular series of challenges for any designer as there are certain limitations to what you can and can’t do with a room that has so much contact with water. No carpets and no wallpaper, no room for conventional appliances, people seem to give up before they even begin.

Boring bathroom designs

Design restraints often lead people to having very plain bathrooms with little or no personality behind them. A lot of people don’t look beyond the materials and realise something beautiful can be created, just as with any other room.

Use tiles creatively 

This can be seen most frequently with tiles. Pick your floor tiles and your wall tiles and that’s it, but should it be? Absolutely not, tiles can be mixed and matched, and designs can be made even with such an inflexible material. There is a huge range of different materials, textures and colours to choose from. A custom tile design would be an instant talking point whenever anyone sees the room, as it’s so rare to see a beautifully tiled room.

Leave a lasting impression

A bathroom isn’t just a room for a purpose and it shouldn’t be left behind, a well fitted custom bathroom can take people by surprise and leave them with a great impression of your property. Fitting a bespoke bathroom isn’t just to impress anyone who cares to look either, it’s a room that also acts as a sanctuary and a break away from the bustle of daily life. That long evening bath can be your break away in your own home, in luxury and style.

Trust the experts 

Carpenters, electricians and plumbers are highly-skilled and can do a lot more than your typical bathroom, their work can turn into art to leave you with a bathroom like no other. With your bespoke bathroom you’ll always be thankful that you took that step and really put your creative side into all the rooms in your home. It’s time to fire up that imagination, get creative in your bathroom design, and say goodbye to the boring bathroom. Contact us today for more bathroom design inspiration.



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