Should You Get a Victorian Roll-Top Bath For Your Home?

Should You Get a Victorian Roll-Top Bath For Your Home?

Should You Get a Victorian Roll-Top Bath For Your Home?

Are you thinking about getting a Victorian roll-top bath for your home but not sure if it is the right choice for you and your family? An elegant and luxurious style of bathtub, there are many different designs, materials, and sizes to choose from.

Find out all you need to know about roll-top baths, including what they are made of and what style of home they are best suited to. Plus, discover where to find the best deals on this style of bathtub.

What is a Victoria roll-top bath?

 A Victorian roll-top bath is a style of bathtub that features a curved edge around the top. While they are most commonly found in period properties such as Victorian-styled homes, they are becoming increasingly popular in more contemporary-looking homes.

What are roll-top baths made of?

Roll-top baths are made from a variety of different materials, including:

Acrylic. These are very popular, offer good heat retention, and are lighter than other roll-top bath materials such as iron and copper/

Cast iron. These offer the best heat retention and can look very luxurious. However, they are heavy, so that additional weight support may be needed.

Fibreglass. This is the cheapest option and is relatively flexible and easy to use. However, it has poor heat retention and low durability.

Copper. One of the most expensive materials, copper has excellent heat retention and a unique look.

You can find a wide range of quality roll-top baths at our Bathroom Specialist in Bedfordshire, with price points to suit all budgets. 

What are the advantages of this style of bathtub?

There are so many amazing advantages to choosing this style of bathtub for your home. Most notably, roll-top baths are incredibly stylish and promise to add a touch of elegance to any home, especially if you choose to invest in raised feet for your new tub.

Roll-top baths are also known for their comfort due to their curved edges, which are perfect for lying back and relaxing. Imagine no nasty neckache when you get out of the bath!

Lastly, this style of bathtub tends to be more spacious than other types of baths, which means that you can enjoy a deeper and more luxurious bathing experience.

Who should consider a roll-top bath?

Is a roll-top bath the right choice for your home? Although anyone can purchase a Victorian roll-top bath, there are certain groups that will benefit from this style of bath more than others.

Older people who struggle to get comfortable in rectangular-shaped baths may find roll-tops more appealing as they are designed to be laid back on.

How much do roll-top baths cost?

There is no denying that roll-top baths are a little pricier than other styles of bathtubs. That being said, there are price points to suit most budgets. As a general rule, fibreglass roll-tops are the most affordable option, and copper and cast iron are the most expensive.

If you have a particular roll-top bath in mind but it is a little out of your price range, it can be a good idea to wait for a seasonal sale event to come along.

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