The best tiles to use for a wet room

The best tiles to use for a wet room

The best tiles to use for a wet room


Wet rooms are a popular alternative to conventional bathrooms and, when created to a high standard, they're easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they could even help add value to your home if you sell it. But when it comes to choosing tiles for a wet room design, which are the best to use?

A wet room has one clear difference from a bathroom – it's an entirely waterproof room. Rather than having a shower cubicle or bath, the room features an open showering area and it can seem more spacious than a standard bathroom. 

Tiles for a wet room showering area

Getting the tiles right for the showering area in your wet room is crucial, as they will impact on how effectively the water drains away. 

As there's no shower tray involved in the design of a wet room, you'll need to have a gently sloping area around the shower to ensure drainage occurs. One of the best type of tiles for achieving this are small mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles are typically sold in sheets with a mesh backing. This backing material can make them easier to lay on sloping areas and create the right gradient. In addition, as the tiles are small to start with, you're unlikely to need extensive cutting. Plus, when you add grout, it will help boost their slip resistance. 

Anti-slip tiles for a wet room floor

When it comes to tiling the rest of a wet room floor, the key issue to keep in mind is to choose anti-slip tiles. Water inevitably splashes more in a wet room, so the tiles around your room are very likely to become wet. 

Larger porcelain or ceramic tiles work well on the floor of a wet room and can provide a nice contrast with mosaic tiling in the shower area. 

Tiles for a wet room wall 

As far as the walls are concerned, you've got free rein! You can opt to use the same tiles as you've got on the floor, or add a contrasting colour or design. Large tiles will help a smaller room look bigger, and gloss tiles can provide a modern finish. 

Do be aware that some tiles made from natural stone, such as slate, marble or limestone, can be porous, so aren't the best first choice for a wet room bathroom. If you love the finishes of these types of natural stone tiles and desperately want to incorporate them into your wet room design, you'll need to ensure they're sealed before you use them, and regularly after, to prevent long-term water damage.

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