Three simple steps to creating a boutique hotel bathroom

Three simple steps to creating a boutique hotel bathroom

Three simple steps to creating a boutique hotel bathroom


We're all in love with the boutique hotel bathroom look, full of quirky charm and luxe materials that create a fabulous sanctuary. For most of us, space in the bathroom is tight, so adding a key piece like a free standing bath may not be an option. However, there are three simple steps you can take to create that boutique hotel ambience in your own bathroom.

1. Choose natural stone

Marble, limestone and even slate all add a touch of understated luxury to your bathroom. Whether you use them for flooring, a simple splashback or a bath surround, the tactile appeal of natural stone instantly adds elegance and luxury to your bathroom. If you have the budget, using natural stone tiles for the walls and floor creates a seamless, extremely luxe look.

2. Be savvy with storage

A double sink with vanity unit or open shelves is a great statement piece, but a series of simple floating shelves with perfectly folded Egyptian cotton towels stacked on them would make an understated focal point. If something a little more boho is your style, then hit the antique shops for quirky and unusual furniture that would make unique bathroom storage. The luxury option is recessed storage and our design and installation teams would be happy to help you create the look.

3. Mirror, mirror

If you don't have a great deal of space in your bathroom then adding a statement mirror is a clever way to bounce the light around, creating that all-important feeling of space. In addition, think about using tiles with mirrored and reflective surfaces as design accents. Metallic mosaic tiles are very on trend at the moment and can be used in simple bands to create a chic and understated focal point. The ultimate statement piece would be the gorgeous mosaic bath on our home page, so use the look as your inspiration.

The key to creating any luxury style is to be savvy with your design choices so why not get in touch and let our design team help you create the perfect boutique hotel bathroom using our know-how and expertise.



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