Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Clean and Shiny

Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Clean and Shiny

Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Tiles Clean and Shiny

No matter how great your bathroom is, unless it’s well-kept and clean, you won’t feel comfortable while taking a bath or brushing your teeth in the morning. The tiles, in particular, need regular cleaning to prevent soap scum build-up. If you want to know the best ways to clean your bathroom tiles, use these tips for keeping them clean and shiny. 


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Research Homemade Cleaners

Often, homemade cleaners work just as well – if not better – than your average supermarket bathroom cleaner. Plus, it’s cheaper! Research different types of cleaners and try one out. You might already have the ingredients in your cleaning cupboard, saving you a trip to the shop.


It’s essential to educate yourself on the ingredients you should never mix; otherwise, you might create a concoction that poses a risk to your health. Bleach and vinegar, for example, are two ingredients that should stay well away from one another.


Use a Vacuum Cleaner

You might be used to sweeping and dusting, but a good-quality vacuum cleaner can do an excellent job of cleaning your bathroom tiles. Do it before you get them wet, and you’ll have a much easier time cleaning them.


Do a Bit at a Time

Don’t wait for your tiles to be covered in soap scum and other stuff before you decide to clean them. To stay on top of it, clean a little at a time. It’s a much easier job, and you’ll never have to worry about your bathroom tiles looking dirty. Give them a quick wipe before or after your daily shower to ensure they always stay clean.


Get the Bathroom Steamy Before Cleaning

To make the scrubbing part easier, get the bathroom nice and hot before you start. The easiest way to do this is by turning the shower on full heat and filling the sink with hot water. Once you start cleaning, the soap scum will come off much more smoothly. Don’t forget to switch the fan on!


Clean from the Top

You don’t want to start at the bottom when cleaning your tiles, as once you reach the top, the dirt will fall to the bottom, meaning you’ll have to clean it all over again. So instead, work from the top until you reach the bottom tiles.


Use a Toothbrush for the In-Between Bits

A toothbrush is one of the best cleaning tools, especially for tiles. Those annoying in-between sections? Get a toothbrush (that nobody uses) and get to work scrubbing off the dirt.

Always Rinse and Dry Thoroughly

Once you have finished cleaning your tiles, you must rinse and dry them properly. Otherwise, you might end up with streaks down the tiles! Rinse with fresh water, and then dry thoroughly with a cloth. The result will be clean, sparkling tiles that you can be proud of.

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