Top Colour and Design Accents To Incorporate in Your Bathroom

Top Colour and Design Accents To Incorporate in Your Bathroom

Top Colour and Design Accents To Incorporate in Your Bathroom

In interior design, an all-white bathroom is making its way to the back of the queue. However, there are many colours and accents vying for your attention as we head into the new year. Furthermore, many of these features only require a few updates to give the room a completely different vibe. So let’s take a look at what colours and design features are top of the list in design in 2022.

Earthy and natural tones

Natural accents are a popular choice in a bathroom as they provide a warming and relaxing aesthetic. This look conjures images of Moroccan architecture or Spanish villas with terracotta shades and clay hues. This colour palette is simple to work into other aspects of interior design such as accessories, furnishings, and wooden flooring, such as our examples at Textural accents also pair beautifully with earthy colours, so incorporating woven baskets and wood furniture is an ideal choice.

Rounded shapes

Soft, rounded shapes replace sharp, angular features for 2022. This trend highlights the beauty of flowing lines and tranquil surroundings. To add this aesthetic to your bathroom, opt for updates to hardware and cabinetry. Taps are also the best way to encompass this design idea. Plus, you can choose colours and styles to complement the whole space with ease.

Rich blue

Blue is synonymous with bathrooms, but this year sees a rich assortment of shades take centre stage. Rich and bold tones create a luxe look with sapphire accents alongside navy, capturing the essence of this trend perfectly. This colour palette also works well with crisp white features and decedent brushed gold hardware.

Marble surfaces

Marble never goes out of fashion, especially in bathroom trends. The clean and sleek appearance of this material creates a luxurious look. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get this aesthetic. There are numerous other options to add a marble effect to walls and cabinetry for an affordable cost. Examples such as PVC panels are a perfect solution. You can also opt for overlays on worktops for a fraction of the cost.

Pops of colour

A bathroom is often a place for minimalist interiors. However, in contrast, trends this year paint a different picture. Splashes of colour in either vibrant or pastel shades are a top choice. It mainly depends on how bold you’re eager to go. If you want to play it safe, opt for accents incorporated into accessories and furniture. Tiling is also a great way to feature this trend.

Brushed and aged brass

There have been several standout trends in taps and hardware over the past few years, including chrome and gold-tone options. However, brass is making a comeback for 2022, but with a slight twist, it’s aged. This look is achieved by accelerating the ageing process of the metal to create an organic and textured look. It works beautifully in any bathroom interior style and makes an impactful addition to any space.

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