Top Five Beautiful Bathroom Updates to Save on Water

Top Five Beautiful Bathroom Updates to Save on Water

Top Five Beautiful Bathroom Updates to Save on Water

When it comes to updating your bathroom, your focus will always be on designing a space that is beautiful and relaxing. If your bathroom doesn’t feel like a spa at home, then what’s the point? The only thing to keep in mind is to never let your ambitions for a beautiful bathroom make you forget about function. There is beauty in function, and you can design your bathroom so that it is both stunning and effective.

That’s why it’s so important to hire our bathroom specialists in Bedfordshire. Not only can we help you design a stunning space for your home, but we can also make recommendations that will help make your space much more functional. One of the ways that we can help, for example, is to make key recommendations that will help you use less water overall. You can then enjoy all the features of a fully functioning bathroom, for less. Read on for some examples.

  1. Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets are the norm in the UK, but if you’re replacing an old, outdated bathroom you may not currently have an efficient toilet. There are many different shapes and designs out there, so not only can you enjoy a toilet that uses significantly less water than older models, but also one that is beautiful and comfortable to sit on.

  1. Dual-Flow Toilets

Alternatively, you can get a dual flow toilet for your space. Similar to a low-flow toilet, these also use a fraction of the water of older toilet options. The difference is that they have two flush options. The first flush is perfect for flushing down small jobs, while the harder flush is perfect for bigger ones. With the option, you can maintain high standards of hygiene, and still use less water.

  1. Water-Efficient Shower Heads

Choose a water-efficient shower head that uses an aerator to add air to your water stream. This turns the water flow into a mist-like experience that’s not just luxurious, but also uses a significantly lower amount of water than traditional heads.

  1. Low-Flow Taps

Similarly, you can also get low flow taps that use the same technology. These taps will give you full water coverage so you can wash your hands, brush your teeth, and so on without any issue. Since the waterflow is aerated, you naturally use less water overall.

  1. Greywater Capture Systems

See if you can have a greywater capture system installed in your home. This system works to capture water from your shower or sink (but not your toilet). It then uses that water to irrigate your garden space. There are limitations, of course, as not every home can easily have these greywater systems installed. If yours can, then you can reuse your shower water to keep your whole garden vibrant, while using less water overall. This will do wonders towards keeping your home looking great and reducing your water costs.

With issues of water shortages and growing need for innovative ways to deal with heatwaves, all bathrooms of the future need to be better at conserving water. With these upgrades, your beautiful new bathroom will look gorgeous but also save water.

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