Top Tips for an Always Clean Bathroom

Top Tips for an Always Clean Bathroom

Top Tips for an Always Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean. While they do a great job of getting you sparkling clean ready for the day, it can be hard to keep on top of it due to the amount of dampness in there. Don’t worry, though, as there are some simple methods you can use to ensure you’re never embarrassed when a guest uses your toilet. By using these top tips, your bathroom will always stay clean. 


Start with a Spacious Bathroom

It is much harder to keep a bathroom clean when it is small and cluttered. For this reason, aim to create a spacious bathroom that has plenty of storage and room to move about. Of course, you can still create a reasonably spacious bathroom without tons of space – you just need to rethink the layout and design.


Sweep Frequently

It’s not just the tub, toilet, and sink that gets dirty; so, does the floor. So, to make sure your feet stay clean when you hop out of the shower, sweep the floor frequently. It also helps to start with a high-quality floor. For some stylish ideas, take a look at our wooden bathroom flooring at


Get Rid of Old Bottles

Is your bathroom full of nearly empty bottles that you can’t seem to throw away? Instead of holding onto them for months, use whatever is left quickly or simply throw them away. If you’re not using that last bit of conditioner now, the chances are you won’t use it in a month, either.


Clean a Little Every Day

Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge job every single time. Instead, clean a little piece of it every day. For example, on Monday, you could scrub the sink, on Tuesday do the toilet, and then on Friday’s focus on the floor and shower door. By spreading it out, it won’t seem like such a big task.


Use a Clip-on Toilet Cleaner

A simple method for keeping your toilet clean without much effort is using a clip-on toilet cleaner. They are easy to install, and once attached, you don’t even have to think about it.


Clean the Fan

The bathroom fan often goes unnoticed when it comes to cleaning, but you mustn’t ignore it! Otherwise, you’ll end up with bad smells and too much moisture hanging around the air.


Use a Floor Mat

You want to avoid letting your floor soak up all the water that comes out from your showers or baths, so be sure to use an absorbing floor mat. Don’t forget to wash it regularly, either!


Spray Cleaner After Every Shower

Your shower door tends to accumulate grime from excess water and soap, which in turn creates a tiring job of wiping it all clean. To make the process easier on yourself, get a glass cleaner and spray it on your shower door after every single shower. It’ll barely take you two minutes and will reduce how much you have to clean later.

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