Want To Upgrade Your Bathroom? Top Tips From Woodstone Bathrooms

Want To Upgrade Your Bathroom? Top Tips From Woodstone Bathrooms

Want To Upgrade Your Bathroom? Top Tips From Woodstone Bathrooms

Is your bathroom looking a bit dated?

For many people, the bathroom is the one room in the house that never seems to get a real upgrade and at Woodstone Bathrooms, we think we know why. It is a room that is rarely used by those outside your family, so you are unlikely to want to invest a lot of effort into remodelling or repainting the space.

However, over the last few years, home designers have turned their attention to bathroom spaces with the aim of creating a ‘spa-like’ setting to help enhance relaxation. So, here, our team will run through some of our top ways to make a bathroom into a stylish space without deducting from the spa vibe.

Natural Materials

Our bathroom specialists in Bedfordshire are big on natural materials in bathroom spaces.

This could look like wooden accessories around the bathtub, stone tiling on the walls, or a marble soap dish. If you can afford it, go for it! Natural materials will help bring in that spa vibe that we mentioned earlier while also looking attractive and helping to warm the room on colder winter days. Just make sure if you are using wooden accessories in your bathroom that they are damp proof, as a bathroom is a humid environment. 

Geometric Patterns

Now, onto the flooring and potentially the tiles.

In 2024, there has been an increase in the number of people wanting to put geometric shapes into their bathroom spaces. This could look like hexagonal shape tiles on the floor, triangular wallpaper, or even geometric mirrors.

This will help to make the space look more interesting, and if you have a smaller bathroom, it can also help to open the space up more, especially if you use lighter colour schemes. 

Steam-Based Showers

Going back to the spa theme, one thing that you can use to upgrade your bathroom is a steam shower. This is simply a shower that you step into and then, with the flip of a switch, it delivers steam to the space instead of water. This is great for your skin, great for relaxing and is also ideal for managing allergies.

Having a steam shower installed will likely require some minor remodelling of your bathroom, as these showers have different equipment than a standard shower. However, we can guarantee that it will be worth it!

Wet Rooms

Or, if you aren’t really into showers and baths, why not turn your bathroom into a wet room? This doesn’t have to be a bland space, and depending on the design you go for, it can even take on an Oriental bathhouse feel. Indeed, a wet room is ideal if you or a family member have mobility issues and are looking for a way to make bathing easier. 

Colourful Wallpaper

Forget white wallpaper in your bathroom! If you want the space to look amazing, then you can opt for brighter, bolder wallpaper. Many people have upgraded their bathrooms by using shadow wallpaper, which projects black shapes onto a coloured or white background. This is whimsical and will certainly get attention from any home visitors who are using your bathroom.

For more tips on stylish bathroom upgrades, contact our team at Woodstone Bathrooms today!

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