Wood flooring for your bathroom and beyond

Wood flooring for your bathroom and beyond

Wood flooring for your bathroom and beyond


There's something beautiful about wood. Such natural material harks back to the very first buildings, and adds an element of style and class to any home. Wooden floorboards have a strength and personality that's missing from modern carpeting. Once they were seen as a big luxury, or confined to old houses, but that isn't the case these days. Here at Woodstone Bathrooms, we can realise your wooden dream with our highly-trained designers and carpenters - not only for your bathroom, but for other rooms as well.

Some people worry about the idea of wooden flooring in bathrooms, citing humidity as a problem. Whilst it's true that tiles are the safer and more traditional option, there's no need to rule out giving your bathroom the natural look. Consider instead choosing from a large range of laminate and synthetic flooring. They look the part, giving you the appearance of wood underfoot, and they're highly durable too. 

And look beyond the bathroom to rooms around your home. Wooden floors add beauty and character to any space in your house. It's hard-wearing by nature, so it's great if your house sees a lot of footfall. Consider wooden floors in your hallway to give that classic first impression to all your friends and guests. It's also highly functional in a porch or a contemporary atrium, and right at home in a busy kitchen. 

There are many hues of wood, so talk to our designers about choosing your colour scheme. Perhaps you'll want a light wood, or a deep rich brown to warm up your house. As a natural material, wood is very neutral, and can usually go with any colour scheme. And it's not just about the aesthetics: if you're environmentally-conscious, remember that wood is a renewable material. With our materials responsibly sourced, wood flooring is more eco-friendly than other flooring options.

With a high-quality wooden floor, you're bringing the outside indoors and connecting with nature. Feel that rich grain under your feet and see that stylish beauty enrich your home. Speak to us at Woodstone Bathrooms today to start designing and fitting your dream floor.



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