Your Guide for Dealing with a Small and Awkwardly Shaped Bathroom

Your Guide for Dealing with a Small and Awkwardly Shaped Bathroom

Your Guide for Dealing with a Small and Awkwardly Shaped Bathroom

Having a spacious and relaxing bathroom is every homeowner's dream, but it's not always so easy if your home won't accommodate one. How can you easily relax if you're bumping into awkwardly shaped walls, fixtures, and fittings taking up space or dealing with the constant niggle of it not being quite right? You may even be avoiding your bathroom at all costs apart from your everyday bathroom routine, simply do not have to deal with the lack of space.

However, even if you have a small or awkwardly-shaped bathroom, there's still plenty that can be done to make it work and you still deserve a space you can spend time in and enjoy. So, here's your guide for dealing with a bathroom that's a little on the awkward side.

Go for Slim Cabinets and Fixtures

If your small bathroom already came with its original fixtures and fittings, you may have been battling with the normal-sized sink, toilet, and other fixtures. However, slim alternatives do exist for smaller bathrooms, such as slimline sinks, smaller toilets, or even a cabinet, sink, and toilet combination all in one panel. Switching to smaller features like this can help to save space while not compromising on the things you need.

Speak to Design Experts

If you're open to a complete reshuffle, then Bespoke Bathroom Design might be for you. This way, expert bathroom designers can see exactly what can be done in the space you have to fit you a whole new bathroom that will work out better for you. This is perfect if you have a dated bathroom anyway and are looking to add value or update your home in an area that needs it.

Switch to Just a Shower

This is an important decision to make, and it depends on how much you value a bath. If you're looking for future value potential, it's a good idea to think about keeping a bath if you come to sell, as this can appeal to new buyers. However, if your bathroom is severely limited in space due to a bath that you simply never use because you're a shower person, then you could save space by having a standalone shower cubicle.

If you can get the best of both, with a shower over bath, this will be beneficial if you know you're going to use them but if you hate baths, this might be an area you're willing to compromise with.

Get Creative with Furniture or Features

If you have an awkwardly shaped room, you might be struggling to find generic units like shelving units, towel racks, and cupboards, which fit the shape of your walls and floors. You may then need to think about different unit styles or even have a go at making your own. That might sound ambitious, but if it's simple shelving you're looking for you, you could shape and secure panels of wood together exactly in the shape of your walls to fit perfectly and also a fun home project for you!

For any design advice and tips, be sure to contact our team.

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